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Arthur Academy Charter Schools use an incremental, mastery-learning approach for teaching basic subjects of reading, math and language found in a series of detailed, pre-planned programs called Direct Instruction. This specialized approach to teaching for the foundational subjects of reading, math, spelling and language skills is based on a comprehensive model of instruction. This model is a way of teaching that also defines our charter school option. Providing this model is based on the belief that a powerful way of teaching exists that is not being utilized in most schools, and therefore our charter schools offer it as a choice.



Every single student, regardless of ethnicity, parental income, learning difference, culture, or native language, will become a fluent reader and will master the academic and intellectual skills necessary to succeed at the next level of schooling.


Our school community is a place where students, staff and families are valued and respected, honoring our diverse cultures and experiences. We work together to provide a safe, welcoming environment in which all students thrive and love to learn!

पोर्टल्याण्ड आर्थर एकेडेमी

7507 SE Yamhill,  पोर्टल्यान्ड, वा 97215

फोन:  ५०३-२५७-३९३६  फ्याक्स: ५०३-२५७-३९२९

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आर्थर एकेडेमीले उमेर, नागरिकता, रंग, अशक्तता, राष्ट्रिय उत्पत्ति, राजनीतिक सम्बद्धता, जाति, धर्म, यौन झुकाव, अनुभवी स्थिति, वा कुनै अन्य विशेषताको आधारमा कुनै पनि व्यक्ति विरुद्ध आफ्नो कुनै पनि कार्यक्रम, प्रक्रिया, वा अभ्यासहरूमा भेदभाव गर्दैन। कानून अन्तर्गत संरक्षित।

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